What is the advantage of a Realtor? The AAA’s of Real Estate!

In 2018 people often wonder what is the advantage of having a realtor? Do I really need one? Can’t I just find my own house online? Yes this is true.  You can find your house online.  As a realtor I like to I like I bring a lot more to the table. I call it the AAAs of Real Estate!  Access, Advertising, and Advisement!

We Have Access.  My first edge as an agent is my direct access to listings that come on the market. Access is my job, my commitment to you. Watching for your future home 24/7. Not only on my lunch break. Not only after my meeting. When I am your Realtor I am looking for your house all day long. I have my phone set to make a special sounds when a new listings is posted that matches your home criteria. When a new house is listed I am able to get you in to see it ASAP because I have immediate access to that listing. I also have access to a network of hundreds of realtors at my fingertips on a daily basis. My access also works in reverse when I am selling your property . Immediate access to agents across the state and globe with direct access to your property and you guessed it…Me! That’s ACCESS!

We Advertise. As a Realtor at kinlingrover.com, I only use professional photography. Believe me it matters. Having the latest iphone does not make you a photographer. No matter how good the filter you downloaded may be. Marketing with me is one stop shopping. Your property will be blasted across all highly syndicated online big name sites. Who are these you ask? Once we list your property it will automatically go to Zillow, Trulia, Reator.com, the list is endless! If you tried to do this all yourself it would be a full time job! That’s my point. I also use newspaper. I recognize the unique market of Cape Cod and the South shore. All properties and open houses are printed in local papers! This applies everywhere. Believe or not people still read newspaper. Even I read newspapers (don’t tell anyone). People of all ages buy houses. And, let’s not forget everyone’s favorite, social media. People love to hate it, but its a necessary evil of the times. I also have business pages to promote your listing. Don’t worry you don’t need to understand it, you just need to accept it! Another tool in your pocket. The point is each listing requires its own market analysis. A great realtor will do just that, look at your needs and make a plan that works for your property. Using what tools that work best for your property, that’s ADVERTISING!

We Advise. As a realtor I act as an adviser. Once you find your dream house I will advise you on how to make the strongest offer. Having a strong, confident negotiator is essential in managing your deal and closing quickly.  Bringing down that price so you don’t over pay, and knowing what are your bargaining points.  As a seller’s agent I will advise you on preparing your home to sell. Finding your place in the market and listing at the right price right out of the gate will set the tone for how the process will go. Staging in a lived in home is key to photography and showings. I will help you see your home through a buyers eye and realize why curb appeal and being show ready are important. Setting up for open houses are just as important as the listing price. Buyers need to imagine themselves living in your space. Selling your home can be very emotional, I will help you transition through this process. At the end of the day you are in control. I am the expert and here to ADVISE!

At the end of the day, if you want to sell your house or buy your dream house do yourself a favor find a Realtor that is right for you.  Like anything in life we trust experts. Making a major life decision and investment should be no different.

Laura Thompson, Your Neighborhood Realtor!




Posted on June 19, 2018 at 3:28 pm
Laura Thompson | Category: Advice

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